LaserKey v.1.1

Last week I did an upgrade of the LaserKey. The temporary control box that I made in the last edition is now replaced with a more sturdy plastic box. Part 1: The upgrade Mounted switches and LEDs The Jack plug for the…
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LaserKey v.0.1

LaserKey is a custom controller designed to control a special laser software on a PC (Powered by Pangolin). Since I have done quite many laser shows now, the need for a custom controller has grown. So I decided to make…
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Creating a mini-Impressor

“An Impressor is something that impresses, mostly by flashing, making noise, smelling, or slamming. It has has strong roots in the Omega association and is required for Phaestum and other Omega festivities.” Each year, Omega Workshop holds a building course where a…
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