Making a Makerspace

  For a while now, a group of people in the maker community in Trondheim, including us from Norwegian Creations, have been building a makerspace in the basement here at DIGS in the center of Trondheim. It is now up…
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Makers as A Service

How to bridge the gap between Makers and tangible problems We in Norwegian Creations deliver what we like to call for “Makers as a Service”. And what is that exactly? And how is it possible to create value utilizing the…
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MakerCamp Fosen

Norwegian Creations went to Brekstad November 21st-22nd to attend the first ever Makercamp Fosen, an event organized by Trondheim Makers. We brought along our dear plotter which we also brought to Trondheim Maker Faire. Both young and old got to…
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