Making a Log Book Holder

Every workshop has different tools. And several of those tools have a lot of options when it comes to using them.

For example, a 3D-printer can be used with several different materials and temperatures, while when running a CNC, the feedrate, tool type and material, is all of grave importance.

To use one of the more complex machines you often need to do some planning. And all this planning leading up to the actual machining, and all the experience of how it went, is important to keep for further use. One thing is if you are the sole operator of the machine, a completely different thing is if the machine is used by several people. It’s clearly important to keep a log if you are a solo user, but even more important if the machine is shared.

In this post we will show you how we made a simple log book holder for a CNC machine. And of course, all the files are open source and available for download at the bottom of this page!



The log books should both be affordable, easy to use and robust. With that in mind we selected Field Notes.

The holder must also have room for a pencil. And of course, it must be simple and it should only be necessary to do simple contour cut outs to make it.



Making the contour cutouts was a simple task. We added some breakout tabs to secure the pieces while the machine was running.



Assembly and usage

Quick and dirty sandwich assembly with some simple screws.



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You can download the 3D-model here.

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