Technical Development Services

Norwegian Creations can custom design, prototype and prepare your product for large scale manufacturing.

We in Norwegian Creations have great expertise in electronic design, with everything from component sourcing, actuators, sensors to soldering.

All digital systems need stable and bug-free firmware. Norwegian Creations has extensive experience in firmware programming on a wide array of microcontrollers.

The area where electronics and mechanics merge is an exciting interdisciplinary field of expertise where we have a lot of experience. Mechatronics is often related to actuated motion, and doesn’t only involve custom mechanic design, actuators and sensors, but also complex electronic design and firmware.

Norwegian Creations go beyond delivering already-existing electronics for our customers. We design custom printed circuit boards (PCBs) from the ground up. We also deliver ready-to-use soldered high quality manufactured PCBs.

Communication with a device is essential. We help you integrate wired or wireless connectivity for your product and have extensive experience in Bluetooth and BLE as well as other wireless protocols.

We design custom enclosures and other mechanical parts for your device. For prototypes we either 3D print these in-house or externally, or use other production methods such as laser cutting or CNC machining. For larger quantities we can organize injection molding or other forms for production.

We equip your product with screens, LEDs, buttons, switches and more to achieve the best user experience possible.

Makers as a Service

This is what describes Norwegian Creations the most. We are makers at heart, love to create things and deliver this expertise to our customers. Read more about the ideas around the “makers as a service” concept here.


One of the first steps from an idea to a finished product is the design, both in the electrical and mechanical domain. Norwegian Creations does everything from PCB design to mechanical CAD, covering the complete mechatronical span. Whether you want help with just certain aspects of your product or a more complete design solution, we are able to offer the necessary expertise needed to bring your idea to life.


Before starting mass production of a product, one or more prototypes need to be built. Disciplines included in the prototyping phase are among others PCB manufacturing, soldering, wiring, 3D printing and firmware programming. We deliver completely assembled prototypes, customized to our customers’ needs with short turnaround time.

Design for Manufacturing

DFM is an important step in the product development cycle, where everything is made ready for larger scale manufacturing. Certification, testing, cost optimization and supply chain management are all important aspects of DFM. Norwegian Creations can assist directly with the DFM process and/or involve other parties such that your product becomes market-ready.