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Making a Plotter for Trondheim Maker Faire – Part 3: Electronics

This post will explain the electronics taking part of the big Plotter. First we will explain the whole system: what it consists of and how it’s all connected together, before we go more in depth on some of the components….

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Making a Plotter for Trondheim Maker Faire – Part 1: An Overview

We thought it would be fun to build an old fashioned plotter which could be both interactive by duplicating what is drawn on a computer, as well as being able to draw vector graphics. All the actual drawing would be…

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Drawing Machine Time Lapse from Technoport Access Water

Technoport arranged some quizes in conjunction with the “Access Water” event. The drawing machine, now named “Liny” draw images to the winners. We had also arranged a poll to give the machine a name. The machine is now named Liny =)

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Drawing vector graphics

Preparing the Drawing Machine to Technoport Access Water

We are now preparing to have our Drawing Machine exhibited on Technoport Talks: Access Water conference that will find place in NTNU Realfagsbygget tomorrow (26.sept 2012). The Drawing Machine will stand outside of R8 from 08:30 to approx 13.00. If you are nearby you could catch…

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The Drawing Machine at the Technoport Conference

The Drawing Machine is now creating images at the Technoport Conference. This is happening at Rica Nidelven Hotel in Trondheim. Check it out! It will stand there until Thursday 19 April.

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Drawing Machine – part 2

Skift Design is making an installation for the Technoport conference in Trondheim, and as a part of that they wanted a drawbot. They contacted Omega Workshop at NTNU, and got in contact with me and Gunnar who was actually making one already! You can see…

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Drawing Machine Timelapse

Enjoy =)

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Drawing Machine – part 1

All the people studying at ELbygget NTNU Gløshaugen knows that it lack some real interactive art. So the last couple of years we have been thinking about filling that gap. And after dumping over Hector, and the video under, we had…

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