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Drawing Machine Time Lapse from Technoport Access Water

A time lapse video from Technoport Access Water!

Preparing the Drawing Machine to Technoport Access Water

We are now preparing to have our Drawing Machine exhibited on Technoport Talks: Access Water conference that will find place in NTNU Realfagsbygget tomorrow (26.sept 2012). The Drawing Machine will stand outside of R8 from 08:30 to approx 13.00. If you are nearby you could catch the Drawing machine in action!

The Drawing Machine is now at the Technoport Conference

The Drawing Machine is now creating images at the Technoport Conference. This is happening at Rica Nidelven Hotel in Trondheim. Check it out!

Drawing Machine Timelapse

A time-lapse video of the Drawing Machine drawing a picture of Gunnar.

Drawing Machine – part 2

It’s time to move on from the prototype presented in part 1!
In this post we present the results form a cooperation with Skift Design, and how awesome the results that are going take part of the Technoport conference 2012 became.