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Reaction game buttons

Reaction Game – Technical Insights

Before this year’s Maker Faire in Trondheim we in NC wanted to make an interactive installation to our stand. With a short deadline, we didn’t have time to order everything we needed. So we searched through what we had laying…

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The final installation on stage

Making a Ping-pong Ball Visualizer System for Technoport – Pt. 2: The Building Phase

  Be sure to read part 1 where we talk about the design phase of this installation! Mechanical and Structural CNC-Milling As in this project, we had to utilize our new CNC-milling machine, and the upright plywood pieces on the…

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Screenshot of the CAD

Making a Ping-pong Ball Visualizer System for Technoport – Pt. 1: The Design Phase

This project is really something else. Technoport 2015 hosted a Live Crowdfunding event in Storsalen in Studentersamfundet, Trondheim March 18th 2015. For this event we were tasked to create a pysical installation which would be set up on the stage…

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Making the LED Installation at Visit Trondheim

NICE and Bjørke Arkitektur had this awesome idea on how to create a really mesmerizing entrance at Trondheim’s new tourist information, named Visit Trondheim. It should among other things include a moss coated interactive LED installation. As you may know, LEDs is…

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Creating A Clock with Pomodoro Timer and Visual Alarm

  The Pomodoro Technique is a widely known method for consciously controlling the amount of time spent on specific activities. In other words, a time management technique. It’s one method amongst a myriad of different methods, all claiming that they…

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Phone Controlled Garage Door

As you might know, Norwegian Creations has moved in at the new co-working space called DIGS in Trondheim this summer. To get into the backyard of DIGS we need to open an electrical controlled garage door, but we only have one remote:/…

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FScontroller Part 1

Last October I made a prototype for a custom hardware controller to FreeStyler 512(Stage lighting software). The goal was to make a controller I can use when I’m running a preprogrammed light show (not a programming console, maybe next version?).  For those who…

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NorwegianCreations PCB

A much needed update

Hi, fellow readers  I’m finally done with exams for the second year of my Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering =) Yes, it’s been a  LONG time since I have written anything here. It’s not been because I’ve been lazy, rather…

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Building a Tea Dipping Machine

Are Halvorsen and I decided to build a machine  to prove the ease of making tea compared to coffee. How complex the Coffe Machine problem is can be watched here: Coffe Machine at Omega Verksted

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LaserKey v.1.1

Last week I did an upgrade of the LaserKey. The temporary control box that I made in the last edition is now replaced with a more sturdy plastic box. Part 1: The upgrade Part 2: Using it On Saturday 28.04.12 I had a…

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