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Building a Laser Engraver: Part 2. Technical insights

This post is an in depth technical review of the Laser Engraver.
What kind of motors did we use? What about the frame?
It’s all in there;)

Phone Controlled Garage Door

What do you do when your garage door only has one remote, and several people need access? See how we solved that with the use of an old mobile phone and some simple electronics.

FScontroller Part 1

Last October I made a prototype for a custom hardware controller to FreeStyler 512 (Stage lighting software). In this post I’ll explain why I made this controller and the hardware layout of it.

A much needed update

In this post you will find some teasers from a couple of creative months =)

LaserKey v.1.1

The control box for LaserKey needed an upgrade…
This is a post about the upgrade, and how the system worked when I created a laser show on AutoLasers concert last weekend (including a video) =)

The Game Show System 2012

The Game Show System we developed for an Ingeniørspillet-quiz at Trondheims Student Society was used again this year.
Inside you will find some pictures and a video from the show :)

Laser Engraver

Inspired by a post at Instructables, and by the need of a device capable of engraving at creations made out of wood, we decided to build a cheap laser engraver.

LaserKey v.0.1

LaserKey is a custom controller designed to control a special laser software on a PC.

Creating a mini-Impressor

“An Impressor is something that impresses, mostly by flashing, making noise, smelling, or slamming. It has has strong roots in the Omega association and is required for Phaestum and other Omega festivities.”


An electronic yatzy game created as a school project

A Game Show System: part 4/4

All the work payed of with an incredibly game show night at the Student Society in Trondheim.
Here you will find some pictures of the finished system and a video from the show.

Wood Block Clock

In this post I present the process of making the Wood Block Clock.

A Game Show System: part 3/4

Pictures from the building process.

A Game Show System: part 2/4

Flowcharts and some schematics for the game show system.

A Game Show System: part 1/4

Myself, Are Halvorsen and Marius Gundersen are now building an awesome Game Show System for an eaven more awsome game =D