Making an (Open Source) Office Lamp

Good lighting is often underestimated (together with a lot of different things). We decided to build a couple of both good looking, powerful and functional office lamps.


The lamp is designed around the “GU10-socket-standard”. It consists of 10 GU10-sockets, which we have each stuffed with 35 W halogen lamps.


The framework consist mainly of five 12 mm plywood pieces fixed to eachother with angle brackets and PLY90 Corner brackets.

Parts used to build one lamp:

Top view with explanations

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You can download the model here.




As you can see in the video we CNC-machined all the wooden parts. Thereafter it was just a matter of assembling all the different pieces.



Inside this box you will find a “Z-wave-dimmer”

It had to be easy to control, and the control should be possible to do from as many of the different systems we use/test as possible. So in this lamp we are testing out Z-Wave. The parts are easy to get a hold of, but it’s not as open source as we would like. However, there exist modules for easy connection to things like Raspberry Pi (

If you make one of these yourself, we’d highly appreciate some images of your process and result!

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