Trondheim Maker Faire 2017


This year’s Trondheim Maker Faire was held last weekend at Solsiden in downtown Trondheim, just like last year. In this blog post we’ll show off a few images from the event.


We saw this vehicle made by SK Engineering at NTNU last year as well, but this year it had some upgrades.
An exotic bike project also made by SK Engineering.
Revolve NTNU has been a regular attendee at Trondheim Maker Faire since the beginning. This year the showcased their 2015 car “Vilje”.
DNV Fuel Fighter, NTNU’s team in the Shell Eco Marathon contest, showcased their latest car.
Some of the entrails in the DNV Fuel Fighter car.
A DMX LED controller setup made by electronics students from Elektra at HiST.
Do you recognize the logo on that PCB?
Elektra also showcased a bunch of 7400 series ICs connected together to form an 8-bit processor.
A Wimhurst machine, made by Hans J. Grimstad, one of the enthusiasts at Hackheim.
The open source robot arm BCN3D MOVEO shown at the Hackheim stand.
A waffle machine made by Omega Verksted at NTNU.
The “mouth” of the waffle machine.
A “floppy blaster” with some similarities to this project.
Omega Verksted also displayed this Tesla Coil, which we’ve seen a few times before. It can play songs.
The Tesla Coil driver.
The Tesla Coil playing Axel F from Beverly Hills Cop.

We’re already looking forward to next year’s Trondheim Maker Faire!

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