The Floppy Blaster

In the course “TTK5155 – Industrial and Embedded Computer Systems” spring 2010, Thomas Tøkje and I built a couple of extra nodes to the Ping Pong game project. This is one of the extras who’s mission was to add sound and music to the game.

It wasn’t about creating a hi quality audio device, but about building something different and funny =) And I still think playing music with a floppy drive and some SID chips hit the bull’s-eye!

Okeeey. So, here is some of the features:

  • AVR ATmega128 as the “mainbrain”.
  • 2 piggybacked ATmega 8515 @ 24 MHz running SwinSID: a Comodore64 SIDemulator.
  • CAN bus interface for commands.
  • A floppydrive for playing the bass using the stepper motor.
  • Plays a kind of Midi-format.

Schematics and board

Board layout
Board layout


The FloppyBlaster

The sound!

So what does this creation sound like?

Recording setup

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