Update: New Blog Categories

Last week we did a large update on our web page, mostly back-end stuff. However, we also did a complete overhaul of the blog categories. We tossed out all the old categories and replaced them with shiny new ones. All the existing posts have been placed in the new category tree. Let’s take a quick look at the new categories.



This is where we place our first impressions posts. First impressions are short posts where we try out new software or hardware and give you our initial thoughts of the product. The category has a hardware and a software sub-category. In the future we might expand this category with for instance more thorough reviews if we decide to start doing that.


We had a “miscellaneous” category in our old setup as well, but this is a trimmed down version with a few sub-categories.


This sub-category is typically for event-related blog posts which are more about the actual events than a project we’ve done related to the event. Events might be combined with a project-category if appropriate.


A sub-category where we give our thoughts on whatever topic we find interesting to talk about. This is a more abstract sub-category than most of our other categories.


The post you’re reading now is a typical update-post. If we decide to write an update related to our web page, workplace or just Norwegian Creations in general, the post is likely to go here.


This is the main meat of our blog so far where we’ve written about many of the projects we’ve done. This was also a main category before, but it has now been trimmed down quite a bit. We have kept some of the most important sub-categories and added a “Misc Projects” sub-category which functions as a catch-all project category. If we start doing many projects within certain new topics in the future then new sub-categories might be added.


We like to write tutorials and our catalogue is still growing. This category has also been restructured a bit.

Arduino Tutorials

We kept this sub-category since Arduino is extremely popular with makers. We have written several Arduino-specific tutorials already and more is probably coming in the future.

Maker Tutorials

This is sort of a catch-all sub-category which ranges from general electonics to woodworking.

Software Tutorials

A new sub-category where we talk about everything from CAD to programming.


The old category setup was quite old and an update was a bit overdue. We hope that the new set of categories will make it easier to navigate our blog. Happy reading!

We have also updated the format of the Clients page, so you can check that out as well.

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