Norwegian Creations at Trondheim Maker Faire 2014

Trondheims first Maker Faire is over. And it was awesome! And yes, the awesomeness will continue.

Norwegian Creations exhibited a big and NC-created plotting machine (checked out by Make here). Visitors controlled this machines in real time using a drawing pad. We supplied paper and markers, and of course, this was free for all (it was Maker Faire, not a commercial trade show).


At last years Mini Maker Faire, we had a laser engraver that draw what people where drawing on paper, so we are kind of in a “drawing”-theme now. Maybe we should continue with this?

The machine ran continuously the whole Faire, and everything worked fine!

Some insane numbers:

  • The Machine draw in total: 2 * 6 = 12 hours.
  • Each drawing was one A3 paper (297 mm * 420 mm = 0.12474 m2).
  • The machine draw a total of 237 drawings.
  • It used at average 3 minutes and 2 seconds at each drawing.
  • Total drawing area used was approximately 30 m2. That’s 7.5 pool tables!

We are going to write an in depth description of the machine. AND release everything open source!

Some more pictures:

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