Desktop CNC mill assembly – the Shapeoko 2

The Shapeoko 2 is an affordable and heavily community supported open source desktop CNC mill kit. This post includes a video from the assembly and testing process.

Norwegian Creations and coworking at DIGS

Norwegian Creations has since this summer been a part of DIGS coworking, Trondheim’s first official coworking space. And how is that working out?

3Doodler: Testing the 3D-printing pen

A 3D-printing pen!? What do you mean?
Yes, the 3Doodler is a hand held extruder. A fun and easy-to-use “doodling-device”.
Check out this video from our first test!

Building a Shoe Shine Box

Taking care of your shoes is necessary (and fun). I was kind of tired of storing all my Shoe Shine equipment in a drawer. Watch how I created a Shoe Shine Equipment Box!

Arduino Tutorial 1: Let’s make XBee talk!

Wireless communication opens up for some really cool new projects. In this tutorial I will show you the simple way of making two XBee’s talk to each other, with the use of Arduino.

Building a Laser Engraver: Part 2. Technical insights

This post is an in depth technical review of the Laser Engraver.
What kind of motors did we use? What about the frame?
It’s all in there;)

A Clock with Pomodoro Timer and Visual Alarm

How can you increase your productivity?
That is something a lot of people question themselves with everyday.
We found that the Pomodoro method works fine for us, and the motivation was especially high since we could make something to assist us with this method.

Phone Controlled Garage Door

What do you do when your garage door only has one remote, and several people need access? See how we solved that with the use of an old mobile phone and some simple electronics.

A Video from the making of a Laser Engraver

The Laser Engraver is now 99% finished, and has already taken part of a preview for Trondheim Maker Faire: PSTEREO Mini Maker Faire.
An awesome video inside =D

Building a Laser Engraver: Part 1

Last year we made a small laser engraver, aimed toward creating small engravings on wood. It worked, but not good enough. Therefore it’s time to make a new bigger and better machine!

FScontroller Part 1

Last October I made a prototype for a custom hardware controller to FreeStyler 512 (Stage lighting software). In this post I’ll explain why I made this controller and the hardware layout of it.

Repairing a dead Apple Airport Express

See how I waked a dead Apple Airport Express back to life!

A much needed update

In this post you will find some teasers from a couple of creative months =)

First impressions of the circuit simulator PartSim

Nothing beats testing in real life, but often comes simulation quite close. This post presents a short glimps into PartSim, an online analog electronic simulator with a SPICE back-end.

Finishing a 3D-printed part: ABS smoothing and coloring without chemicals

When printing with a FDM printer, the surface becomes kind of “liny”. But what to do if you want a smooth part?