Inverted Propelled Pendulum

The plan is to make a “2-degrees of freedom inverted pendulum” realized with 3 or 4 RC plane motors and an 5-degrees IMU (Wikipedia). But first, I decided to make a “one-degree” pendulum to test the motor controllers and some control techniques. Some details:

  • Controlled by an AVR ATmega128 with a discrete PID controller
  • Angle measured with an potentiometer
  • 2x RC plane motor controllers
  • 2x RC plane motors

The controller board sends measurements over RS232.

As you can see in the video the pendulum is far from perfect. That is due to a hugeamount of noise on the angle measurement.. But that will not be a problem with the IMU, so I’m not gonna fix that problem now:P


The Creation
The Creation
The bottom part
The bottom part

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